Nhlanhla Mpofu, is a Deputy Dean and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Rhodes University and a Visiting Professor at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. She is a Y-rated NRF researcher, South African Academy of Young Science (SAYAS) member, Fulbright Alumna, COIL alumna and World Bank Margaret McNamara Education Alumna. Nhlanhla is a member of the South African Council on Higher Education Accreditation Committe. Her first research foci works to (i) problematize our understanding of English as a Language of Instruction (ELI) in multilingual contexts; (ii) develop new language teaching methodologies that draw from culturally sustaining pedagogy and informed by disciplinary linguistic requirements, and (iii) re-orienting second language education research in multilingual education systems.┬áTo achieve the aim of her first research strand, Nhlanhla, leads a research project, ” Exploring the preparation and experiences of teachers using English across the curriculum: An interdisciplinary approach”. Her orientation to research is drawn from asset based pedagogies that seek to dismantle the hegemonic stances of deficit models that have traditionally been privileged in language learning and teaching.