• Language in  Education
  • Higher education learning and teaching
  • Programme and curriculum designing
  • Quality assurance
  • Qualitative and mixed methods approach and conceptualisation.
  • High proficiency in the following Course Management Systems: Canvas; Blackboard and Moodle
  • Blended Learning and Flipped classrooms.

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Nhlanhla Mpofu is a Y rated researcher and an Associate Professor in Language-in- Education. Her research attempts to bridge theory and practice in ways that English is used as a second language in different disciplines in multilingual spaces. Her research focus works to (i) problematize our understanding of English as a Language of Instruction (ELI) in multilingual contexts; (ii) develop new language teaching methodologies that draw from culturally sustaining pedagogy and informed by disciplinary linguistic requirements, and (iii) re-orienting second language education research in multilingual education systems.