Poetry corner

Fractured friendship 

At the bustling mall, where memories were born,

Two friends walked side by side, from morn to morn.

Their laughter echoed through the crowded halls,

Inseparable they seemed, despite life’s falls.


But beneath the surface, cracks began to show,

A friendship tested by the ebb and flow.

Unspoken tensions lingered in the air,

As they roamed the aisles without a care.


In the heart of the mall, amidst the noise,

A rift emerged, a clash of differing voices.

Words exchanged, sharp as daggers in the fray,

Their bond unraveling with each passing day.


And so it was, amidst the crowded scene,

Their friendship shattered, no longer serene.

At the mall where they once found delight,

Their paths diverged, into the fading light.


No more shared laughter, no more joyful cries,

Just echoes of memories, now distant sighs.

The friendship that bloomed in the mall’s embrace,

Ended there too, leaving an empty space.

Love beyond the veil

In hearts entwined, a love eternal blooms,

Defying mortal bounds, it takes its flight,

Through trials and storms, it ever resumes,

A beacon in the darkest, coldest night.

Though death may part the bodies, souls remain,

Bound by a love that time cannot erase,

In whispered echoes, they still feel the same,

A bond unbroken by life’s fleeting race.

Through valleys deep and mountains high they tread,

In dreams and memories, they find their way,

In every breath, their love is softly spread,

A gentle breeze that guides them night and day.

For love endures, beyond the veil of death,

An everlasting flame, with every breath.

Echoes of the Deeper Mind

In the quiet depths of contemplation,

Where thoughts weave intricate webs,

Lies the realm of the deeper thinker,

Whose mind like a river ebbs.

They ponder the mysteries of existence,

Diving into the depths of the unknown,

Seeking truths beyond the surface,

In the silence, they find their own.

Their thoughts, like stars in the night,

Illuminate paths unseen,

They navigate through realms of insight,

Where reality and dreams convene.

With every question, a journey unfolds,

Through the corridors of time and space,

Exploring the boundless expanse,

Of the human spirit’s grace.

In solitude, they find solace,

Amidst the chaos of the world,

For in the sanctuary of their mind,

The deeper truths unfurl.

They dance with concepts, fluid and free,

In the symphony of thought’s embrace,

Their words, like poetry, serenade,

The soul with wisdom and grace.

So let us cherish the deeper thinker,

Whose quest for understanding never ends,

For they hold the keys to enlightenment, I

n the labyrinth of minds they tend.

An Ode 

In halls where ivory shadows cast, a leader rises, bold and vast.

A woman of the African sun, her journey, a tale just begun.

Melodies of strength, resilience heard, a testament in every word.

In the crucible of diversity’s light, she weaves a tapestry, bold and bright.

In every step, a story unfolds, Of courage, grace, as history moulds.

A palindrome of power and grace, Her leadership style, a timeless embrace.

The one who considered herself broken

To her, she who had given up;

Her, who had lost the anew of spring;

She who had thought herself broken;


To her, who had forgotten her worthy;

Her who had chosen to dim her strength;

To her, who went through vicious winds;

She, who had thought needed fixing and mending.

She has blossomed;


On the eve of your death

If you are fortunate,

The earth will give you a warning.

If not,

There is only sudden horror, the wrenching pain of being torn apart;

Of being reminded that nothing is permanent,

Not even the purest form of love.

Under the weight of the silence;

In the silence of the night;

In your absence in my dreams;

I had to survive with the crushing pain of your silence.

I still hear you

Saying do not stand on my grave and weep;

I am not there anymore;

I am in the wind;

In the sound of birds, you hear every morning;

I am not there anymore;

But I will always remain in every part of your skin;

Your being…

Footprints of History

Penda is gone.

Nyasha is  in a mental hospital.

Shuggie back to  the,

male race to be devoured,

like a common whore.

Ramatouyle to die in,

her silence and acceptance.

Nomcebo to rejoice,

in her sorrows.

Binettou and Tambu…..,

to shine for us all.

Thenjiwe is remembered,

as a marked grave,

only to be applauded by ghosts.

Among the Pendas,

who can only be,

remembered as,

memories of a past struggle.

Those whose reputation has been surpassed

by the satisfaction of their lust.

Whores they are called,

by those that have

perfected their profession.

Celie renegated,

to pants making as emancipation.

Maria to die an,

unknown woman.

As Wangari carries the,

litany for us.

Celebrating with Wangiira the journey,

for us all.

It forever remains,

the journey to where?

Or is it just circular roads leading nowhere,


  Jezebeel, My  Hero

At least you are history

Your name is mentioned

among historical figures.

Your reputation  suppress


From time memorial

you have been immortalised

in our hearts.

With your reputation we

have kept you as part of us.

What about me, l have

kept as expected.

Never to be recorded

in history.

Never to be remembered

by generations  to come.

Never to be awed in contempt.

Never to be immortalised.


Jezebel you are better,

better because as dogs were eating your flesh.

The history pens recorded your achievements.

No dogs will devour

my flesh and my

name will never be mentioned

whether in awe or contempt

Worth women were there during your


History is silent about them!

Jezebel you are my hero.



Clad in nothing,

They are people,

Clad in pauper’s attire

They are people,

Clad in rich men’s attire,

They are people.

Be there a rapist,

He is someone’s people,

Be there a murderer,

She is someone’s people,

Be there a fornicator,

He is someone’s people

Be there a saint,

She is someone’s people

The Wind

From the North to the south,

South to North,



Stops- It starts,

Its from east to west,

west – east

As l feel  it in the deepest,

parts of me.

It pushes me,

lt propels me,

it draws me,

l embrace it- it embraces me,

lt caresses me,

it touches me,

it whispers secrets of old

to be nurtured,

for the next generations,

it gives me the litany,

to take its secrets,

for the future.

lt affirms,

it confirms that,

l am, the daughter of Africa,

l am the reservoir of history,

l carry the footprints of

Africa with me,

l am an African woman.

Serene Dusk

Beauty tinted white,

that time when from day,

you separate,

my heart from my soul,

my mind,

my day,

comes to an end,

serene dusk.

Your masked beauty,

beautiful yet fading,

the dawn far but,

impending thus your,

your love encrusted in,

the darkness, silent yet,

serene dusk.

Promises of the new,

in the old,

entwined yet separate,

preamble of days to come,

glory of the past,

promises to come,

promises to come,

serene dusk.


Half Moon

Not to your fullest half moon.

Half moon, yet to grow.

Grow to your maturity.

Maturity will make,

Make you a full moon.

Full moon then they will,

Will respect the potential,

of the half moon.

Not to your fullest ,

half moon shine,

You fullest you will reach after,

they have seen,

Seen the wonders that a half moon has,

Half moon you are, but not for long!


l put mine in a pot.

I put mine in my heart.

Buried them hoping they will cook.

Praying they will be hidden.

In a second your smile revealed them.

Since l met you my dreams are a reality.

You rearranged not only my thoughts,

my mind, my soul, my heart.

In my deepest dreams, l dream you.

The depth of your voice speak of,

the promises of dreams to come.

I have been setting time aside,

holding the moments, counting the seconds.

Looking for you to show me the way to my dreams.

I found you at last.

Your task to paint my dream you should do.

Way back to love

Been living in a shadow for long too long.

Been lonely for too long.

Been sleeping with a cloud for too long.

I need to find a way back to love.

He will shine on me and the shadow will disappear.

He will hug me and the loneliness will disappear.

He will hold me at night and the cloud will disappear.

He will help me find a way back to love.

The stars will shine brightly;

moon will bless our union;

the wind will blow to the rhythm of our love:

in your eyes l will have found a way back to love.